When you experience cracked or broken pipes, it can be a costly and messy problem to fix. If tree roots have damaged your pipes, it’s the same thing. With traditional methods of pipe repair or replacement, your garden can be ruined. Digging up your yard to access your pipes ultimately leaves you with a big landscaping expense. That’s after you pay for the actual pipe repair.

Fortunately, here at Sydney’s Maintenance Plumber we offer the service of pipe relining in Sydney. It’s a much less intrusive way to fix broken and cracked pipes, and also a longer-lasting repair. Using pinhole incisions to access the inside of your pipes, there’s no damage to your landscaping. Therefore, it’s a much more efficient way to tackle the issue of broken or cracked pipes.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a more modern way of fixing your broken and cracked pipes. Rather than digging up your yard and repairing or replacing cracked pipes, we use a strong resin for all repairs.

Our pipe relining process

We follow a standard process for all pipe relining work to ensure premium results in half the time of a traditional pipe repair.

  1. Using a high definition CCTV camera, we thoroughly investigate your pipes and look for cracks, breaks and other blockages. This way, if there’s actually no cracks in the pipes, you can avoid the expense of going any further.
  2. Secondly, we use a high-pressure jet blaster to completely clean your pipes. This removes any debris, blockages and other contaminants that build up on the walls of a pipe.
  3. The sealing process begins after the cracks and breaks are located. We saturate the inside of the pipe with a strong resin. This fills all cracks and breakages.
  4. We cure the epoxy resin using hot water and activate it using UV radiation.
  5. Finally, we use leak detection equipment and cameras to inspect the job. Once satisfied that the resin has fully dried and filled all cracks, the job is finished.

The whole process takes about half the time of a normal pipe repair job because no digging is involved. We only use pinhole incisions to access your pipes, so there’s no damage to your garden and landscaping.

Even better, this process makes your pipes stronger than they were before. That means you shouldn’t have any further problems, even with tree roots.

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