We have pretty wild weather in Australia. Blocked stormwater drains in Sydney are a common problem for that very reason. Stormwater drains are crucial to maintain a home’s safety, especially in the wetter months. They provide a path for any excess water to leave your property so flooding doesn’t occur. With our wet and windy conditions, so many people need stormwater plumbing in Sydney.

The team at Sydney’s Maintenance Plumber have the tools, skills and also expertise needed to fix stormwater issues. From blockages to leaking or damaged pipes, we’re certainly the experts you can rely on.

How do stormwater drains get blocked?

A build-up of debris is the main cause of stormwater drain blockages. Just like any other pipes around your home, they need to be clear so that water can flow freely. The most common problem occurs with debris from your roof and gutters being washed into your downpipes. As a result, this builds up and the water can’t flow freely where it needs to.

Furthermore, the same thing can happen with stormwater drains at ground level. Even if they’re covered with a grate, small pieces of debris can sneak in and build up over time. Often, the warning signs are easy to see. It might be water pooling in certain parts of your yard, or even more obviously, your gutters overflowing with water.

Why is stormwater plumbing in Sydney important?

Stormwater plumbing in Sydney plays a major role in keeping your home safe from flooding. Ultimately, if your pipes and drains are blocked, excess rainwater has nowhere to go and simply builds up. If this occurs in your roof gutters, the weight of the gathered water can cause guttering to collapse. In other parts of the yard, flooding can occur, causing damage to existing structures.

You can take preventative measures such as installing gutter guards on your roof and grates on all ground-level stormwater drains. Even with these measures, you should also regularly clear your gutters of debris. This will help downpipes remain free of blockages, and allow the wild weather to do it’s worst!

Experience you can trust

We’ve helped countless homeowners with stormwater plumbing in Sydney. From clearing blockages to providing blockage prevention advice, we do it all. You can trust the experienced team at Sydney’s Maintenance Plumber to always give honest, transparent advice. We don’t sell repairs or products you don’t need, and our number one priority is the safety of your home and family.

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