For the specialists in gas cooktop installation in Sydney, look no further than Sydney’s Maintenance Plumber. Gas is a popular alternative to electricity for many reasons but it can also be dangerous to work with. So, if you’ve purchased a new gas cooktop or oven, it’s essential you only use qualified professionals for installation.

Working with gas requires special licensing, so not all plumbers are qualified to install gas appliances. If you want reliable service and the best advice every time, contact us at Sydney’s Maintenance Plumber today.

Why choose gas?

If you haven’t installed gas in your home, then we can give you a couple of reasons why it’s a great idea. Firstly, gas is cheaper and more cost-effective to run. If you’re tired of huge electricity bills, installing gas will instantly save you money. Hot water and heating are the biggest energy expenses in your home, and both can be run on gas as a cheaper alternative.

Secondly, gas energy creates less greenhouse emissions, so making the switch to gas is better for the environment. Furthermore, if we’re talking specifically about the kitchen there’s another good reason. A gas cooktop heats up straight away, and gives you greater temperature control. If you don’t like messing around while cooking, gas is definitely for you!

We install gas cooktops safely and to standard

Gas cooktop installation in Sydney isn’t just a matter of connecting some basic pipes. Strict regulatory requirements guide the installation of gas appliances. A licensed gas fitter must perform the work and it must comply with manufacturer guidelines. If you don’t follow these requirements, you’ll likely void your warranty and even potentially have problems with insurance claims in the case of an incident.

At Sydney Maintenance Plumber, we take our gas licensing and guidelines extremely seriously. We complete our gas cooktop installations in Sydney to the highest standard, complying with all industry guidelines.

Our process for gas cooktop installations in Sydney

Following all manufacturer instructions and compliance guidelines is crucial to our gas fitting work. Our process is as follows:

  • Advise and inform you about your gas installation
  • Thoroughly check existing gas connections and points
  • Connect your new gas cooktop, oven or stove according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Test for leaks and ensure your installation is fully functional

The team at Sydney Maintenance Plumber gets the job done right the first time.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • You'll know the price before we start work thanks to our unique Fixed Pricing

  • You'll have peace of mind with our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

  • Your home will be clean and tidy thanks to our Tidy Tradie work mats and CleanBoot covers

  • Your plumbing system will be inspected and you'll receive an obligation free report


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