Do you hear gurgling noises coming from your kitchen sink? Maybe your water is draining slowly, or there’s a strong smell coming from your sink. These are all signs of a blocked kitchen sink, and it can be extremely frustrating. Blocked kitchen sinks in Sydney are pretty common, but we’re here to provide a solution.

We’re the experts you can call for all types of kitchen plumbing in Sydney. We even offer an emergency plumbing service if your issue is more urgent. Customers love our friendly and reliable service, so if you’ve got blocked kitchen sink drains, give us a call today.

What causes problems with kitchen plumbing in Sydney?

Unfortunately, ending up with blocked kitchen sink drains in Sydney is almost inevitable. We use our kitchen sink every day, and unless you’re extremely careful, more than just water goes down the drain. We rinse our plates, wash our dishes, and ultimately small scraps of food end up going down the drain.

When these pieces of food don’t break down, they cause a blockage in the pipes. The same happens with grease and oil that ends up down the drain. The result is either a strong odour coming from your sink, or you’ll notice a gurgling sound as the water drains. This happens because the water no longer has a free and easy flow.

Why do you need to unblock kitchen sink drains?

Not only is it frustrating to have a slow draining sink, it can also be extremely unpleasant if food waste is causing a foul odour in your kitchen. If that’s not enough reason to consider calling the experts for kitchen plumbing in Sydney, think about the potential future costs.

These types of build-ups can cause pipes to break or crack, and it might not always happen right at the source. If you need to call plumbers to investigate cracks, breaks and blockages in pipes, it can be much more costly than fixing a blocked kitchen sink. Not to mention the damage a broken pipe may cause to other parts of your home.

It’s always best to get onto blocked kitchen sink drains quickly to avoid further damage. A small cost now can save you plenty of money in the future.

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